do over

How to Unify the Country, Give Voters What They REALLY Want This Tuesday (Seriously)

Updating John-Paul Sartre’s “No Exit” “On eve of election, deep divide.” –Headline, Star Tribune (11/6/2016) Everywhere you look, assorted pundits and talking heads are lamenting how polarized the electorate has become, and how futile any attempts to unify it are. Not me. I know a surefire way to unite the country. Ready? Here goes: Jail BOTH Hillary...
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On to Financial Reform! With Health Care now out of the way, we can get to what I consider to be the more important issue: Reforming Wall Street and the banking sector . . . Essentially, I am advocating a “Do Over.” Reverse the past 3 decades of radical deregulation. The alternative is an even...
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