Buyer’s Agent Oath, Pre-Showing: “Honest, My Client Won’t Cancel!”

Guilty Until Proven Innocent? How do you know a would-be home seller has just suffered a rash of cancellations and no-shows? Their agent (known as the listing agent) grills the next couple Buyer’s agents trying to show the property. That can be by email, voicemail, text or even by requiring a “chaperoned showing”:  that is,...
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Wall Street Votes “Thumbs Down” on New Star Wars Flick

I don’t know what the critics are saying about “Star Wars:  The Force Awakens,” but the returns from Wall Street are already in:  thumbs down. How do you know that? Because Disney’s stock dropped almost twice as much as the overall market today (the movie’s opening day), a sure sign that analysts expect the movie...
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