Denny Hecker

The Ghost of “Financial Freedom Realty”

Burst of New Luxury Rentals in Uptown What’s behind the burst of high-end rentals slated for Uptown? If you haven’t been paying attention, a new 55 unit, mixed use project just broke ground at Lake & Knox (see, “Watch This Space“).   Last month, Southwest Journal reported that a 216 unit luxury rental project is now going up...
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Wall Street, Girlfriends & Wives

Did the Girlfriend Already Get Everything?? A judge says that if Denny Hecker can afford a girlfriend, he must pay his estranged wife a nice amount, too. –“At Issue: 2 Women, Money & Hecker”; Star Tribune (11/26/09) What a perfect metaphor for our financial mess! If you haven’t been following the story, a Hennepin County...
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