Thanksgiving (and Peak Pandemic?) 2020: “Four Bedroom House?” No, “4, One Bedroom Apartments, with a Shared Common Area”

Experiencing That “Vujà De” Feeling** (Hat tip: George Carlin) Zoom call with extended family set up for Thursday afternoon? “Check.” Basement prepped for newly-quarantining, back-from-California college son? “Check.” Grocery store run — including mask, hand sanitizer, and socially distanced wait line in front — successfully completed? “Check.” Fall leaves all raked? Umm . . ....
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Renaming Lake Calhoun “Lake Humphrey”

Uhh . . . You Might Want to Get a 2nd (Legal) Opinion There may be valid reasons to keep Lake Calhoun, “Lake Calhoun,” but I very much doubt that it’s because no one has the legal authority to change it: Last week, Minneapolis Park Board attorney Brian Rice issued an opinion saying the organization...
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