Why the Neighbor’s House Usually Isn’t a Comp (“Comparable Sold Property”)

Comparing Honey Crisps to Braeburns One of the more quizzical looks Realtors get is when they (try to) explain to a prospective home Seller that their neighbor’s house isn’t a “Comp” (Comparable Sold Property). In plain English: it isn’t relevant ” at least directly ” for pricing their home. For the uninitiated, a Comp is...
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Realtor Job Description (at least, THIS Realtor)

All Part of the (Ongoing) Job If you went to your estate attorney for a will in 2016, then needed an update now, you’d expect to be invoiced for the new work, right? Similarly, if your dentist put in a crown four years ago, then you needed a cavity filled today, you’d expect the dentist...
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Estimating the Discount for a Busy Street (or Not)

The Art of Comp Selection One of the trickier home features to account for in a Comparative Market Analysis (“CMA”) is a busy street. For a family with little kids, a busy street may very well be a deal breaker ” in which case the discount is theoretically infinite. At the other extreme, an investor looking...
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Explaining High Turnover on a Busy Street (The OTHER Reason)

Dream Home?  Maybe Not, But Dream Price Everyone in real estate (and many outside of it) knows the phenomenon:  homes on busy streets turn over more often. The explanation is self-evident, right?  The occupants get tired of the traffic and move on. That may certainly be true, but as a Realtor, I see another, economics-based...
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Did the Home Seller Get a Good Price? The Absolutely, Positively Single Best Way to Tell

“Outlier” Comp’s — Both High & Low Wanna guess the single best way, bar none, to know for sure the Seller got a (very) good price for their home? It’s not whether the house sold especially fast, for full price (or higher!), or even received multiple offers. All those metrics can be misleading, for a...
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How Appraisers Account for a Bowling Alley in the Basement (Ideally)

How do appraisers account for a bowling alley in the basement? Or some other unusual feature, like a helicopter landing pad, 10,000 gallon aquarium, basement basketball court, or dozens of other unusual ” and therefore hard to estimate ” home features? They don’t. Huh?? Self-Cancelling Features If it’s possible, the preferred strategy in such situations...
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