“Buy Now, Pay Later” — Housing Market Edition

Real Estate Layaway It’s not just flat-panel TV’s and furniture that can be bought now, and paid for later. So can residential real estate. Sort of. Unbeknownst to at least some Buyers, it’s customary for there to be a 6-8 week lag between consummating a deal, and closing (that is, paying for the house and...
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“A-B-C?” More Like, “A-B-Q”

Not-So-High Pressure Sales The mantra for many Realtors (and salespeople generally) is “Always Be Closing” (“A-B-C”). While closing — pushing things ahead, narrowing down issues, getting signatures/assent, etc. — is certainly a necessary skill in real estate, I actually try to live by a variation of that. Namely, “Always be Qualifying” (“A-B-Q”). What’s the distinction?...
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