Cisco Systems

Market Correction: "THERE it is"

Gold Down 3% . . Mosaic Down 5% . . . Apple Down 3% etc. If you’re a fan of “30 Rock,” you’ll recognize Liz Lemon’s signature line (“There it is . . “) when she spots the inevitable flaw in her prospective new, too-good-to-be-true suitor. So, for everyone waiting for a break in what’s...
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"Bidding War" Dynamics Shift

Sellers Fret Over Scaring Off Buyers Interesting tidbit from today’s Wall Street Journal (my paraphrase): Whereas a few years ago the two rival Buyers might have been drawn into competitive bidding, this time the Seller “concluded that the risk of the first Buyer terminating its discussions with the Seller outweighed the benefits” of soliciting an...
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Cisco for General Motors

Economic Watersheds & Financial Footprints If you follow the Dow Jones Average, you know that General Motors was recently dropped for Cisco Systems (and Citigroup for Travelers). Locally, there is an echo of this “changing of the guard”: the old Ford Motor dealership in St. Louis Park, near 36th St. and Highway 100, is out,...
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