can opener

Contrarian Tech Support, or, Economics and its Opposite (“Anti-Economics?!?”)

“Assume You Don’t Need What You Need” If you want to know how economists think, a good start is jokes about economists. So, consider this classic about a physicist, an engineer, and an economist all stranded in the desert: They are hungry. Suddenly, they find a can of corn. They want to open it, but how?...
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Flushing Two Centuries of Economic Theory, or, Never Mind About Human Rationality

Economist:  “Assume You Have a Can Opener”* Everything I learned about economics at Stanford turned out to be useless. In fact, worse than useless, because it was wrong, and therefore had to be flushed (unlearned). (Sorry, Mom; sorry, Dad.  Thankfully, not everything I learned in college was for naught.) Economics’ Dark Age In Stanford’s defense,...
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