Best Supporting Actor

Movie Review: Bryan Cranston as Dalton Trumbo

“EGOT”** Minus the “G” “In “Trumbo,” an ill-conceived take on one of the most famous targets of the Hollywood blacklist, the writer Dalton Trumbo clenches a cigarette holder that juts in the air like a sword . . . Part biopic, part historical gloss, “Trumbo” tells a great-man story with a patchwork of fact and...
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Best Supporting Actor 2016:  Mark Rylance in “Bridge of Spies”

Best Line:  “Would it Help?” Can you win an Oscar for a role with perhaps 30 lines of dialogue? (most memorable — and thrice repeated:  “would it help?”). If so, Mark Rylance is a lock for his stunning portrayal of Soviet spy Rudolf Abel in Steven Spielberg’s superb “Bridge of Spies” (at least for me,...
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