affordable housing

Quick! Which House Costs More?

Silicon Valley vs. Twin Cities Housing Prices Yeah, Yeah, California has mountains, the ocean, and a (too-nice?**) sunny, mild climate. But, it’s also got a ton of people, earthquakes, sky-high gas prices, and even crazier housing prices — at least in the heart of Silicon Valley (note: I visited my college sophomore son there recently)....
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Going . . . . Up! Fern Hill — and the Twin Cities’ — Evolving Housing Market

One Less Rambler Near the Lakes Continually replace the cheapest house on the block with the most expensive, and what happens? The block’s median sales price increases. Sometimes gradually, if the pace is slow. Or sometimes, quite rapidly, in the case of several high-demand pockets near the City Lakes right now. Thanks to such redevelopment,...
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“The Greenleaf”: Development in a Hurry

New Mixed-Use Project at 28th & Lyndale It’s not often that you see a bustling construction site on a Saturday. In January, in Minnesota. Yet that’s exactly what was happening today at the Northeast corner of 28th Street and Lyndale in Minneapolis’ Uptown neighborhood (technically, the Whittier neighborhood on the border with the The Wedge). Called ”...
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