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“For Sale,” But Forgoing the “For Sale” Sign

Pro’s & (Mostly) Con’s Don’t be a secret agent.” —Advice to new real estate agents just starting out. Why would the owner of a “For Sale” home skip putting up a “For Sale” sign in front? Search me. While I’m not aware of any statistics, my educated guess is that, at any given time, about...
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TNAS Over the Holidays: How Prevalent?

No Showings = 0% Chance of Selling Home Sellers who don’t want to accommodate showings over the holidays — or any other time that’s inconvenient — can elect to switch their home’s status to “TNAS,” or “Temporarily Not Available for Showing.” While the “For Sale” sign in front will typically stay put, the home no...
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"Sale Fell Through! Back on Market!"

Cleaning Up After a Broken Deal If you’re seriously shopping for a home, you’ve undoubtedly seen one of these properties online. And if you’ve been selling real estate long enough, you’ve almost certainly had it happen to you: What exactly? A not-quite “done deal” . . . that came undone. Background First, a little background:...
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