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Showing Instructions: the Good, the Bad, and the (Very) Ugly

“KISS” (Keep it Simple, Stupid) — Realtor Version “Lockbox is on rail to left of side door (north), combo is “LMZ.”  Use large key to open deadbolt (turn to left); then use small key to unlock knob lock (sticky, may have to jiggle).  Alarm in laundry room down hall, then left; code is 49827 (press...
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Every Home Seller’s Worst Nightmare — and How to Prevent It

The Opposite of “Home Alone” It’s every home seller’s worst nightmare:  they return home long after a scheduled showing, only to find strangers in their Living Room(!). With no Realtor in sight. While it’s an extremely rare occurrence — and an automatic $1,000 fine for the Buyer’s agent — that makes it no less upsetting for the owner. Buyer’s...
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