absentee owner

“The Case of the AWOL New Owner”

Neighbors:  ‘Somebody Mow the %#$!#& Grass Already’ “The king is dead.  Long live the king.” Usually after a home sale closes, the new owner gets the keys, the moving truck shows up a few days (or hours) later, and life in the neighborhood quickly resumes, albeit a little differently than before. And then there’s what...
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Home Condition: What “Should” the Seller Know?

Test:  ‘Reasonableness’ To recover from their Seller for a home defect, Buyers must satisfy a two-part test. Namely, they must prove that:  1) the defect existed at the time the Seller sold them the home; and 2) the Seller either knew of the defect, or should have known. Which begs the question, “what should sellers...
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