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“Dumpster Chasers” Target Prospective Home Sellers

Not to Be Confused With “Dumpster Diving” “Dumpster diving” is when bargain hunters look for something salvageable (or edible — blechh!) in a dumpster. So, what’s “dumpster chasing?” When bargain hunters target the owner of the home behind the dumpster. Specifically, “dumpster chasers” solicit homeowners to find out if all that emptying out/updating is in anticipation of going...
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How to Tell if a Listing is “in the Chute”

Surefire Signs How does a Realtor tell if a home they’re listing is primed to sell? (see also, “Listings and Pots of Water“; “Buyer Feedback:  ‘Win, Place, or Show'”). The starting point is their own knowledge of the home relative to nearby, competing homes — as well as the Comp’s (“Comparable Sold Properties”). To sell...
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