50th & France

Can’t Afford Southwest Minneapolis? Consider Edina (Yup, Edina)

The Twin Cities’ “Brooklyn” and “Manhattan?”  The Case for Edina’s Country Club Neighborhood Brooklyn has become so hot — and expensive — that the joke in New York is that people who can’t afford to live there should check out cheaper digs in Manhattan. In particular, the Upper East Side now looks like a relative...
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Make That, “50th & France Office Manager Matt Loskota”

Good Job, Young Man! Edina Realty’s City Lakes, 50th & France, and Maple Grove offices all have new office managers as of this morning. Per Edina Realty President Barb Jandric, the headliner at this morning’s meeting, City Lakes’ Matt Loskota heads to 50th & France; Jennifer Cutter is the new City Lakes Manager; and Andrew...
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Minnesota Monthly’s “12 Great Twin Cities Neighborhoods”

Hits, Misses . . . and Sleepers If you haven’t seen the splashy cover in the grocery checkout line, the May issue of Minnesota Monthly features the eye candy-ish title, “Eat, Drink, Shop & Play:  12 Best Neighborhoods to Explore Now!” With the caveat that the list is divided into eight Winners and four Up-and-Comer’s, how...
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Parking Problems: 50th & France Lunds

Too Much — and Little – of a Good Thing Nobody goes their anymore; it’s too crowded. –Yogi Berra Twice just this week, I’ve given up circling the parking lot at the 50th & France Lunds; with perhaps only 150 spaces in front and at least 6-8 cars also prowling for a spot, my odds...
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