4-wheel drive

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough . . . Check Their Doctor’s Cancellation List

Early February Snowstorm Paralyzes Twin Cities Admittedly, it only works if you:  a) live close by; b) own a 4-wheel drive; and c) have a flexible schedule. But, if all those apply (they do for me), a big snowstorm is a GREAT time to call your doctor’s office and check for cancellations. I did, and shaved almost three...
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Laid Low By Alleys & Driveways

Stuck! Something like 357 days a year, I feel like an idiot driving a burly, 4-wheel drive that gets abysmal gas mileage (tax-deductible or not). Then there are days like today. With numerous cars off the road (or marooned in home garages), mine is chewing through the fresh 10″ of snow like it was cotton...
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