When to Interview Realtors for 2015? Now!

Getting a Head Start Getting Used to “2015” Once upon a time, before I was a Realtor — and personal checks were actually handwritten — it was a couple of days into January before I started using the “new” New Year (and invariably got the date a wrong for a few weeks after that). Now, I...
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2014 Minneapolis Home Prices Per S&P/Case-Shiller: Back to 2008 (& 2003)

Local Home Prices Go Back to the Future With the caveat that a city-wide price index blends neighborhood valleys and peaks into averages, what does the Case-Shiller index say about Minneapolis home prices since 2000? Home prices as of Summer, 2014 are about where they were in 2008. And 2003. Huh?!? Price Roller Coaster The...
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“Super” . . . Seven Times in a Row(!)

Examples of bad emails would be ones informing you that your client came up short in multiple offers, or showing feedback trashing finding fault with your client’s home. Good emails? From Mpls – St. Paul Magazine (today, in fact) informing you that you’re on the list of Minnesota Realtors they selected as “Super Real Estate...
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