1st time home buyer

Are First-Time Buyers Diving Into the Deep(er) End of the Housing Pool?

Skipping the Starter Home There’s some anecdotal evidence that first-time Buyers in the Twin Cities are making their mark a rung (or three) higher than you’d normally expect to find them. Namely, they’re disproportionately active in transactions around $500k — especially new construction in some of the more affordable ‘burbs — rather than in the...
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Spring 2015 Housing Market Multiple Choice

Short-Term Forecast Twin Cities real estate pro’s are anticipating a slow-down from this Spring’s torrid pace sometime later this Summer. Why? a. Rising interest rates; b. Projected low levels of inventory; c. Declining home affordability, especially in the market’s lower rungs most popular with first-time Buyers; d. Cumulative agent exhaustion. Correct answer:  all of the above. Minus...
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