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Endangered Species: Fern Hill Ramblers on .25 Acre (or more) Lots

High Demand Location Close to Lakes, Parks & Downtown Minneapolis Once upon a time — like, 1980 — there were about 50 ramblers on large lots in St. Louis Park’s Fern Hill neighborhood. Today? I’d estimate that there are only about 30 left — make that, 29 after the recent bulldozing of 2512 Inglewood (photo,...
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Pro Rata Property Taxes and End of Year Closings

Debits & Credits, Credits & Debits In the vast majority of real estate closings in Minnesota ” 99.45%**, to be exact ” the title companies doing the closing have to calculate a pro rata property tax adjustment between the Buyer and Seller That’s because Minnesota homeowners pay property taxes twice a year (May 15 and...
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“Will You Cut Your Commission?” Top 10 Replies

“Just Say (Hell) No!” ” Realtor Version; or “It Doesn’t Hurt to Ask, Right?” Wrong! [Note to Readers: Realtor rant alert ” if you are one of the vast majority of prospective home Buyers and Sellers who value and respect your Realtor’s considerable efforts on your behalf, please skip the following. If, however, you’re not...
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