Proactive Marketing:  Exhibit A

“Directly behind the property line is a small condo building, not apartments, please let buyers know.”

–Excerpt, “Agent Remarks” field on MLS

“Nobody ever washed a rental car.”


What is the listing agent for this Longfellow (Minneapolis) home up to?  (Note:  I showed the home a few weeks ago to clients who liked it — they just liked another property more).

Alerting prospective Buyers’ agents (and their clients) that the home backs up to a condo building — not an apartment building (note:  “Agent Remarks” on MLS are typically seen by Realtors, “Public Remarks” by clients).

What difference does that make?

Relative to apartment buildings, condo’s are often better maintained and more expensive (and sometimes the surrounding property is cleaner and quieter, too).

If you’re a Buyer considering a single-family home on the block, that’s important info to have — and a smart listing agent who proactively provides it.

About the author

Ross Kaplan has 19+ years experience selling real estate all over the Twin Cities. He is also a 12-time consecutive "Super Real Estate Agent," as determined by Mpls. - St. Paul Magazine and Twin Cities Business Magazine. Prior to becoming a Realtor, Ross was an attorney (corporate law), CPA, and entrepreneur. He holds an economics degree from Stanford.

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