2020 Election Multiple Choice

It is difficult for people who are denied voting rights to protect their voting rights.”

–Nicolas Kristof, “Will We Choose the Right Side of History?”; The New York Times (Oct. 14, 2020).

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People in Georgia reportedly waited — in a pandemic(!) — in lines up to 10 hours long this week to cast their vote (photo, above).

Donald Trump’s response was to:

A. Demand that Georgia’s Governor and Secretary of State account for the debacle.
B. Implore Congress to approve emergency aid to states struggling to provide safe, accessible voting options.
C. Send in the national guard to assist states, and — where necessary — protect the integrity and physical safety of polling stations.
D. Use his platform as President of the United States to repeat baseless charges of widespread voter fraud.

Sadly — horrifically — the correct answer is “D.”

Acts of (C)omission

Even worse, not only has Donald Trump sown doubts about the integrity of the November 3 election, he has actively abused his power to undermine it.

That includes hamstringing the U.S. Postal Service’s capacity to process mail-in ballots; endorsing various states’ efforts to suppress voting; and encouraging right-wing vigilantes to “monitor” (i.e., intimidate) people lawfully attempting to vote.

President Trump should have been convicted by the Senate in February for extorting Ukraine’s leader to smear Joe Biden.

Trump’s actions now to undermine American democracy constitute further, overwhelming grounds for his removal from office.

Fortunately — finally — the opportunity for the nation’s voters to do just that is now at hand . . .

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