Seated at the head of the (closing) table — & running the show: the title company’s closer.

Congrats to Edina Realty Title’s Richelle Pikala

For a Realtor, closing 662 deals would be a breathtaking achievement over a 30-year career.

So, that’ll give you an idea exactly how impressive it is to handle 662 sales, as a real estate closer, in just one calendar year.

That 2018 production qualifies Richelle Pikala as Edina Realty Title’s #1 closer, out of 26 closers company-wide.

Closer Job Description

While Realtors do some things closers don’t, it’s also true that closers handle many responsibilities Realtors are spared (and may only be dimly aware of).

That includes updating the property’s abstract or Torrens Certificate; marshaling loan pay-off information on (potentially) the Seller’s first mortgage, second mortgage and home equity line of credit (“HELOC”); coordinating highly sensitive wire transfer information with the Buyer and their lender; collecting Powers of Attorney from any out-of-town parties to the sale; reviewing trust documents (if applicable), and determining who has legal authority to convey the property; clearing any outstanding mechanics liens prior to closing; making sure the final water bill has either been paid or escrowed for; and recording the sale with the appropriate county authorities, after the fact.


Of course, closers must also make sure all the numbers on the closing worksheet are correct, after taking account of any Amendments to the Purchase Agreement; and collect LOTS of signatures at closing, all while kibitzing (at least a little) with a roomful of strangers.

Finally, if they represent the Seller in the transaction, closers must do all those things while working in someone else’s office (at least in Minnesota, the title company representing the Buyer hosts the closing).

Congrats to Richelle, who’s expertly handled my clients’ sales for years (with support from her equally capable assistant, Sarah Harker).

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Ross Kaplan has 19+ years experience selling real estate all over the Twin Cities. He is also a 12-time consecutive "Super Real Estate Agent," as determined by Mpls. - St. Paul Magazine and Twin Cities Business Magazine. Prior to becoming a Realtor, Ross was an attorney (corporate law), CPA, and entrepreneur. He holds an economics degree from Stanford.

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