How is Minnesota’s Governor Doing? Ask Minnesotans

The sad news from the Land of 10,000 Lakes (and nearly 50,000 state employees) is that Minnesota has been implementing the disastrous Covid-19 strategy made famous by New York’s Gov. Andrew Cuomo. The essence of the plan is to forcefully reduce the income of people at low risk, while simultaneously increasing the chances of virus exposure for those at high risk.”

–“Minnesota Not Nice,” James Freeman; The Wall Street Journal (5/22/2020).

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If The Wall Street Journal’s James Freeman is correct that Minnesota Governor Tim Walz is pursuing a “destructive” policy to address the coronavirus pandemic, why is Walz’s approval rating with state voters a stellar 71% now?

Answer: because Freeman isn’t correct (he’s also wrong about New York’s Cuomo, who garners an even higher 75% approval rating).

High Approval Ratings

Count me amongst the 71% (enthusiastically) approving of Gov. Walz’s performance guiding Minnesota thru the Coronavirus pandemic.

His regular press briefings have been a model of calm, empathic, and informative leadership.

He took pains to explain his science and evidence-based decision to lock down the state earlier this Spring, and now his decision last week to begin relaxing restrictions, all while recognizing the economic hardship so many people are suffering, and the ongoing safety precautions being asked of so many.

At least when Governor Walz says “we’re all in this together,” I believe him.

I only wish our President governed with such a sure, compassionate hand . . .

P.S.: The majority of Americans agree with my assessment of President Trump: only 43% approve of his handling of the pandemic.

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