Looks Like They’re > 6′ Feet Apart to Me

Of the four major league sports in the U.S. — football, baseball, hockey, and basketball (apologies to soccer) — the one that would seem to pose the fewest health risks now would seem to be baseball.

True, those pitcher’s mound conferences would have to practice social distancing.

And, first base and third base coaches could no longer huddle with runners; ditto with umpires hovering over catchers.

But, otherwise, a sport where ten players (nine for the defensive team, plus the hitter for the at-bat team) are spread out over a three acre, open-air playing field would seem to be tailor-made for an era of social distancing.

Who knows — if we’re lucky, the World Series winner in October may even be able to celebrate in the usual fashion on the pitcher’s mound .  . .

P.S.: My 20 year-old college sophomore son notes one other factor in professional baseball’s favor: due to the unique dimensions of baseball fields, baseball teams typically don’t share stadiums — and locker rooms — with any other sports.

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