Is the Listing Agent Phil Dunphy? Not Exactly

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At least to this Upper Midwest Realtor, three things stand out about the just-listed Malibu home of Modern Family creator Steve Levitan (that is, besides the home’s stunning ocean views and whopping list price, $16 million).

Here’s what (else) caught my eye:

One. Lot Dimensions.

According to The Los Angeles Times, the home sits on a quarter acre lot.

Does that include the land to the right of the home? (photo, top).


While Levitan’s lot is narrow (about 50′) with almost no setbacks, it’s reportedly 250′ deep.

Voila! Fifty multiplied by 250 equals 12,500 square feet — or .287 acre (an acre is 43,560 square feet).

If the land were included, the listing would have touted substantially more than a quarter acre lot.

Two. Home features.

Per the top photo, there are two, separate structures on the lot; are they both included?


You know that because of: a) the lot’s narrow-but-deep dimensions; b) the home’s total square feet — reportedly a very big 6,700 — sure looks like a combination of the two buildings; and c) the Times article indicates that the home includes an interior courtyard.

Three. Listing agent(s).

According to The LA Times, the home is listed by Tony Mark and Russell Grether of the Mark & Grether Group at Compass; Kimberley Pfeiffer of Compass; and Donald Richstone of Coldwell Banker Malibu Colony.

While it’s not uncommon in the Twin Cities for two agents to co-list a home, they invariably work for the same broker.

Splitting a listing between four agents at two brokers seems unwieldy at best, and a logistical nightmare at worst.

But, maybe that’s how marquee, eight-figure beachfront homes in Southern California are sold?? (alas, I have no idea 😞).

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