Animal Etymology: a “Murder” of Crows, a “Gaggle” of Geese . . . and a “Glut” of Lobbyists(??)

Animal Groupings: Oddest Names

Inspired by the political season, I have a proposed addition to the list of animal groups (below):

Crows: a murder
Turkeys: a gang
Rhinos: a crash
Foxes: a skulk
Lemurs: a conspiracy
Chicks: a clutch
Squirrels: a scurry
Seals: a harem

My proposal: a “glut” of lobbyists.** 🙂

Exactly what might that look like?

See photo (left).

**Runner-up names: 1) a “gang” of lobbyists (note: names aren’t mutually exclusive. So, besides turkeys, a “gang” also refers to groups of buffalo, elk, and weasels); and 2) a “weasel” of lobbyists.

Also: what about an “embezzlement” of lawyers? (it’s hard to stop once you get started).

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