Dated curb appeal.

Before  . . . and After(!)

Staging a home’s interior is usually more about subtraction than addition.

Key steps include reducing clutter; showcasing desirable features like windows and any fireplaces (rule #1: don’t block them); and generally making the home as clean and light as possible.

Updated curb appeal.

Improving a home’s exterior — and specifically, its curb appeal — is no different.

The most common task?

Cutting back overgrown landscaping that obscures the front of the home (the side and back are much lower priorities).

A close second, at least for this Fern Hill duplex, was removing the dated window awnings (top photo).

Not only did that punch up the property’s curb appeal, it also made the interior lighter.

Click here to see what the duplex looked liked virtually staged.

P.S.: there can be a hitch removing awnings from older stucco homes, which is why some owners hesitate to do it: the stucco may require patching afterwards.

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