See if You Can You Tell What’s Missing in the Photo (Above)

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As “Eureka!” moments go, it hardly compares with apes’ discovery of tools at the beginning of “2001: A Space Odyssey.”

But, I do think it’s a harbinger of (more) good things to come for the immediate area.

I’m referring to the parking lot at International Market Square (“IMS”) on Glenwood Ave, just west of downtown Minneapolis.

Specifically, the absence of what could only be called an “institutional-height” chain link fence, topped by barbed wire(?), that was long a fixture on the west side of IMS’ lot.

Formerly Fortress-Like

No more.

The parking lot at mid-day yesterday was open to the street, and full of late-model cars.

Looking for more signs that the neighborhood — next to the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market, and convenient to Target Center, the North Loop, and 394 — is warming up?

Try these four: 1) the 23 acre Minneapolis Impound Lot running alongside 394 gets sold to one or more private developers (a portion of it is currently on the market); 2) workout studios in the area outnumber warehouses (right now I’d estimate the ratio is 5:1, in warehouses’ favor); 3) one or more trendy restaurants take up residence; and 4) the neighborhood picks up a trendy, “truncated acronym” name.

My candidate: “SoGlen” (for “SOuth of GLENwood”).

P.S.: Another choice, developable Glenwood parcel?

Yup: IMS’s parking lot (think, mixed use, with retail on the first floor, condo’s above, and underground parking).

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