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“Your margin is my opportunity.”

–Jeff Bezos

[Editor’s Note: Edina Realty is a subsidiary of a Berkshire Hathaway-owned entity.]

For anyone horrified by spiraling U.S. medical costs, the just announced Amazon-Berkshire-JP Morgan initiative is welcome news.

While the companies’ focus (at least initially) is to provide better care for their own employees, it’s hard to imagine any innovations not being applied more broadly.

Auto (and Other) Bodies

Here’s hoping that the field attracts still more would-be “disrupters.”

My personal favorites: Costco, Apple, and Honda.**

God knows, with the $3.3 trillion(!) Americans spend annually on health care — 50% more than comparable Western countries — the industry represents a ripe target . . .

P.S.: Yes, Honda — if we can get 200,000 miles on our Honda Element, maybe the company can help us get 90+ years on our other bodies 🙂 . .

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