You knew it was coming:  8 months after Steve Jobs’ passing, a movie based on his life — and adapted from Walter Isaacson’s biography by Aaron Sorkin — is reportedly in the works.

Rumored to play Jobs:  Ashton Kutcher.

I like Kutcher better than I thought I would in “2 1/2 Men,” but I still don’t think he’s right for the role.

My suggestion, at least for the older, post-40 Jobs:  former tennis great and erstwhile sports commentator John (“you cannot be serious!”) McEnroe.

A couple hours into Isaacson’ book (I’m almost done), I realized the voice I heard whenever Jobs launched into one of his trademark tirades was McEnroe’s — also known for his harangues.

No word on whether he’s interested or available.

P.S.:  You just know that Jobs, who was famous for micro-management, would have been irked by the jacket of Isaacson’s book:  ‘Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson,’ with “Walter Isaacson” the same font and type size as “Steve Jobs,” albeit fainter.

Jobs famously claimed authorship of everything that came out of Apple, whether he conceived it or not (to be fair, much of it he really did).

Having Isaacson appear to “author” Jobs shows some of the same hubris (and not a little irony).

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