Definition of “Knockout Millwork”

What’s the definition of “knockout millwork?”

You’re looking at it (above).

That would be the view from just inside the entrance of 4609 Browndale, John Everett’s new listing in Edina’s historically designated Country Club neighborhood.

Wowed . . . by the Basement

You know a home has amazing millwork (moldings, trim, doors, paneling, etc.) when you temporarily forget that you’re in the basement, not on the first floor.

I had that reaction touring Browndale yesterday, at Edina Realty’s weekly Exceptional Properties meeting.

But for the lighting — which gave away the basement location — everything else suggested that you were on the first floor of a home.

A grand home.

That would include the gorgeous hardwood floors, the imposing stone fireplace, the wainscoting — and on and on.

And if that was the basement . . . just imagine what the rest of the house looked like!

I’m sure I speak for most of the agents in attendance when I say that the home was an aesthetic treat, and certainly one of the highlights of my week (it takes a really impressive home to make so many Realtors gush). 

John Everett of Edina Realty has the listing; the asking price is $1.949 million.

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