First Dentist Visit Since March

How do you respond when your dental hygienist asks if “anything has changed” since your last visit? (in my case, that would be March 4, just over 4 months ago).

You mean like . . . 

–A global pandemic that’s already infected more than 3 million Americans, and killed almost 130,000.
–Global civil unrest since George Floyd’s murder in South Minneapolis.
–Schools closed, kids home, and all Summer activities cancelled.
–Millions of newly unemployed and furloughed, thanks to all of the above.

Of course, that’s in addition to the dentist’s office looking like something out of “Andromeda Strain”: everyone wearing masks and protective goggles; patients waiting in their cars to be called in one by one (by cell phone); the empty waiting room, etc.

Instead of getting into all of that, I simply answered, “No, nothing new.”

She knew what I meant . . . 

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Ross Kaplan has 19+ years experience selling real estate all over the Twin Cities. He is also a 12-time consecutive "Super Real Estate Agent," as determined by Mpls. - St. Paul Magazine and Twin Cities Business Magazine. Prior to becoming a Realtor, Ross was an attorney (corporate law), CPA, and entrepreneur. He holds an economics degree from Stanford.

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