Immigration Math: 150,000 People + 86,000 People = 236,000 People**

“Duluth’s infrastructure can accommodate 150,000 more people, but the current population is just 86,000. Only 56 people moved to the city from 2010 to 2016.”

–Photo caption, The New York Times.

Jesse Keenan, the Harvard lecturer who’s been touting Duluth’s manifold, climate-change virtues (cool climate, proximity to fresh water, inland location, infrastructure), may be an expert on climate adaptation, but he’s no marketing maven.

His suggested slogan for Duluth?

“Duluth, it’s not as cold as you think.”

Minneapolis, Too

I think I can improve upon that.

How about simply, “Duluth is Cool!“??

Incidentally, that works for slightly warmer (and Prince hometown) Minneapolis, too. 🙂

**Note: If a city’s current population is 86,000, and its infrastructure will support 150,000, the additional number of people it can accommodate is 64,000, not 150,000, as The NYT incorrectly states.

Look for the correction later today . . . (or should I say, “FAKE NEWS!?!“).

See also, “Want to Escape Global Warming? These Cities Promise Cool Relief“, The NYT (4/15/19); and “Climate Change Refuges”: Anchorage, Seattle, Portland . . .Twin Cities(??).”

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