Dubious Fashion Trend Amongst Those Old Enough to Know Better

At least IMHO, Mark Zuckerberg’s cardinal sin isn’t unleashing Facebook on the masses.

Or, vacuuming up consumers’ personal data by the trilobite, then selling (“monetizing”) it to advertisers for gazillions.

Or even providing a platform for foreign meddling in U.S. elections.

Young Adult Attire

No, I blame Zuckerberg for ubiquitous hoodies, at least amongst a particularly close-to-home demographic: my three teenage kids, and seemingly all their friends.

They say it keeps them warmer.

I hope so.

Because it certainly doesn’t make them looker cooler, or somehow non-conformist. . . 🙂

P.S.: Of course, if my fifteen year-old son really wanted to be warmer, he’d stop wearing shorts in January.

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