The Wall Street Journal’s Headline — and Mine

According to The Wall Street Journal, the Securities and Exchange wrist slapCommission just nailed hedge fund SAC Capital with the biggest-ever fine for insider trading — $616 million, to be exact.

Here’s The Journal’s headline:

“SAC Hit With Record Insider Penalty”

The Wall Street Journal; March 15, 2013

Sure sounds like a lot of dough, huh?

And nice to see justice finally being done, right?

$616 Million Wrist Slap

You’d certainly think so — at least until you understood the world of modern-day hedge funds and the ginormous amounts of capital they invest.

And not incidentally, pocket in fees.

Consider your response to SAC’s transgression(s) if instead the headline were:

“Hedge Fund Nets Billions on Insider Trading,
Gets Off With Wrist Slap”

Sadly, that’s what you call a $616 million fine in the context of multi-billions in profit.

With no jail time.

And not even an admission of guilt.

As is routine in such cases, SAC Capital “neither admitted nor denied wrongdoing.”

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