“Lung Push-Up’s”

air life[Editor’s Note:  I promise I won’t make this blog into a series of medical dispatches.  However, since bloggers blog about what’s most immediate in their lives . . . I thought a stray post or two on the subject was in-bounds.  It’s also the case that I’m now well enough to sit at my PC for a bit and write (if not quite go back to work).]

In the aftermath being hospitalized for a lung clot last week, one of the things you get to do is essentially lung rehab — or if you prefer, “lung push-ups.”

That’s accomplished by repeatedly blowing into a device (pictured above) that gauges your output.

What’s in a Name

Like real push-ups, the idea is to gradually increase both your air output (weight) and frequency (reps).

Unfortunately, the name of the device, “Airlife,” can look a lot like “Afterlife” thanks to a not-great font choice (and some lingering pain meds).

And the heaven-like blue background in the photo doesn’t help, either.

Semantics aside, it’s doing its job, and I’m mending nicely.

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