Headed the Wrong Way

Despite the pairing of a winsome Emily Blunt and amiable Jason Segal, “The Five Year Engagement” can’t overcome a desultory plot line about a relationship headed the wrong way.

When the movie opens, the romantic leads are happily ensconced in the Bay Area — he as a sous chef at an up-and-coming San Francisco restaurant, she as a post-grad sociology student.

The relationship hits its first major speed bump when she gets a two-year academic appointment in Michigan, and he loyally tags along.

Stop!  You’re Headed to Seattle!

Unfortunately, I only made it as far as the Bay Bridge.

Or make that the (admittedly more iconic) Golden Gate Bridge, which the couple is shown crossing as they embark on their cross-country trek.

The catch?

When you cross the bridge leaving San Francisco, you’re headed north — towards Portland and Seattle — not east.

Maybe they were taking the scenic route . . . 

P.S.:  Blunt certainly seems to be making a play for the “ideal girlfriend/wife” role Jennifer Aniston is now growing out of (with Angelina Jolie most often cast as the “bad girl” version.  Ironic, huh?).

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