First Lady:  ‘Mrs. Theabove’

My two-part plan for getting elected President, courtesy of Kim Dotcom, now-infamous force behind rogue website “Megaupload”:

Step #1:  legally change my name to Noneof Theabove (“Mr. Theabove”).

Step #2:  start a grass-roots campaign to have voters write in “none of the above” this Fall.

You don’t suppose there’d be more than one, do you? 😉

P.S.:  In “From Beirut to Jerusalem,” Thomas L. Friedman writes of the Middle Eastern businessman who, once upon a time, made it a practice to always carry a bomb on board whenever he flew (presumably, this would have been in the 1960’s).

His logic?

“What are the odds of there being two bombs aboard the same flight??” 

Anecdote #2:  in one of John F. Kennedy’s earliest races, when his opponent was named “O’Reilly” (or some such), supposedly the Kennedy family recruited another O’Reilly to put on the ballot, to split “the O’Reilly vote.”

It worked.

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