Precocious Kids

If you have young kids, you don’t need to be told when Winter Break officially began (for us, 3:16 p.m. Central yesterday).

My 9 year-old son is already complaining that his 7 year-old sister is a tattle tale (“Mommy, Gabriel’s watching the iPad again when you said not to”).

As a parent, I prefer to see her as a future whistle-blower and civil rights activist (“It’s  . . . NOT . . . FAIR!!“).

My son, meanwhile, shows excellent potential as a fiction writer and investment banker (he’s already well-known for spinning tall tales — what we used to call “telling whoppers” — with a straight face).

P.S.:  For now, my other, older son seems to be doing a little mediating between his squabbling siblings, but mostly staying above the fray. 

Family therapist???

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