$3.99/lb at Knollwood Cub

Regular readers of this blog know that I’m a (self-proclaimed) salad bar aficionado, and that I’m not shy about dishing out both compliments and criticisms, especially on price (“New Lindens Hills Co-Op“).

Very much in the former category is the salad bar at the Knollwood (St. Louis Park) Cub: well-stocked, fresh, and cheap — only $3.99 a pound.

IMHO, it’s the best salad bar value in town.


The salad bar at the new Rainbow just southeast of 394 and Turners Crossroad, in Golden Valley (by the West End complex and Costco); and Whole Foods’ salad bar, just northwest of Lake Calhoun.

I hardly need to tell this to fellow “salad bar-ites,” but the secret is to go a little before lunch hour (breakfast for me), when everything’s freshest; and to select expensive, prepared foods rather than cheap carb’s and starches.

P.S.: lest my knock on the Linden Hills Co-Op salad bar be misconstrued, I think it’s got superb food; it’s just the price ($8.99/lb) I was balking at.

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