(More) NY Trivia

Some more stray, NY trivia I noted as my week off here winds down:

Apple’s smash-hit retail stores have competition — kind of — from Samsung.

The company’s store in the Time Warner Center features a hip sales staff (all wearing Samsung t-shirts); lots of cool, interactive technology; and a store full of patrons (mostly teenage boys) engaged in using same.

Somehow, however, it seemed to lack the electricity characteristic of Apple’s stores.

–This message on a diner menu: ‘we readily accept the following for payment: American currency, both paper and coin (cash only).

–This license plate on the back of what was clearly a Realtor’s car: ‘ABClosing’ (stands for “always be closing”). Still not as good as mine: ‘MY RLTR,” as in, “there goes my Realtor.”

–Coney Island (still) has an exhibit for a “tattooed lady” — presumably covered from head to toe. It’s hard to believe that that’s finding any takers, though: you can see that (and more) for free just walking up and down the boardwalk.

–Earlier this week I took my two sons to see the Intrepid, the World War II aircraft carrier that is now a floating museum, parked at a pier on Manhattan’s West Side.

At 900 feet, it’s as long as the proverbial 3 football fields. But that metaphor doesn’t really do it justice.

Instead, imagine an 75 story building tipped on its side, and floating in the water.
Back in Minneapolis this weekend!

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