Big Fish in a Little Pond?

The first thing you notice isn’t the Bald Eagle, it’s the crowd of people all watching something.

So, you stop, too, and pretty soon it’s apparent: a big, Bald Eagle sitting on Lake Calhoun’s Thomas Beach late yesterday afternoon.

While infrequent, I’ve now seen a couple Bald Eagles on and around Lake Calhoun the last couple years.

Fall Treat

I’ve always assumed that they wandered over from the Mississippi, which they supposedly follow south this time of year — and which you’d assume has more and bigger fish to choose from.

So, maybe the lakes really are getting cleaner.

Of course, it’s also possible that the eagle was after something else found near the city lakes: a big, fat duck.

P.S.: the other way to spot a Bald Eagle is to watch them in flight: they look like 747’s compared to the various ducks, sparrows, etc. that are also airborne.

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