Meticulous Record Keeping = Meticulous Maintenance?

“Are you in possession of prior seller’s disclosure statement(s)? (If “Yes, please attach).”

–Minnesota Seller Disclosure; p. 1, line 44.

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As a Buyer’s agent, I always like to see the previous Seller’s Disclosure — that is, the Disclosure that the current Seller received from the previous owner, when they were the Buyer (got all that??).

There are two reasons that that’s helpful:

One. It provides a more complete picture of the home’s condition, especially if the current owner has been in the house a relatively short time (less than 3-4 years).

When that’s the case, it’s possible that the current owner has never had a problem with such Minnesota bugaboos as a wet basement or ice dams ” but that those things have arisen in the past.**

Two. Evidence of the current Seller’s mindset.

Of course, to have kept the previous Seller’s Disclosure for a few years presupposes a certain, threshold level of organization if not meticulousness.

Perhaps not coincidentally, the same owners who are organized record keepers also tend to be meticulous about such things as home maintenance . . .

**If the new Buyer encounters a problem, post-closing, that predates the Seller’s ownership, the Seller is protected from liability if they provided the previous owner’s Disclosure, and the problem was disclosed there.

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