So, Where Are All the Garages??

Guess which of the following statements about the Country Club district in Edina are true:

A. Fruit trees may not be planted on the boulevards.
B. Country Club is known for relatively small lots.
C. Front-loading garages were originally prohibited (and are still rare).
D. Homes in Country Club cost (well) more than $1 million.

Answers: all true except “D.”

While the majority of Country Club homes do sell for more than $1 million, there are now two (out of 13) on the market for less than that.

Bonus question: what was the putative reason for the relatively small lots? (developers always have an economic incentive to build more house on less land).

Answer: so that residents would congregate at the country club to socialize, not in their backyards.

Thanks to Edina Realty’s Andrew Olive for the above.

P.S.: if you are a non-Minnesotan reading this blog, Country Club is one of the Twin Cities’ toniest neighborhoods, known for its gorgeous, immaculately kept Colonials, Tudors, and Federal-style homes. The historically designated district has about 540 homes in total.

As you may have already guessed, Edina is also the Twin Cities suburb where Edina Realty originated . . . in 1955.

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