Athens Cafe in Robbinsdale

Leave it to a Realtor (me) to rely on location to find a good restaurant (and great value!).

Athens CafeThe biggest costs for a restaurant are typically food, labor, and rent; of those, the one they have the most control over is rent (I can’t prove it, but I believe there’s an inverse relationship between a restaurant’s marketing budget and how good a value it is).

What does all that mean?

If you’re a larger family hunting for a restaurant value (“check” on both counts) — not to mention a short line on a Saturday night — the place to look isn’t expensive Downtown or increasingly popular Eat Street (on Minneapolis’ Nicollet Ave.), but less heralded parts of town.

Like┬áCentral Ave and East Lake Street in Minneapolis; St. Paul’s Midway area; or Richfield (yes, Richfield).

Or Robbinsdale.

Best Greek Food (& Value)

greekMy candidate for best reasonably-priced Twin Cities Greek food (and *best hummos — no contest!) is Athens Cafe in the Robbinsdale Town Center.

Total cost to feed five of us a variety of tasty, freshly made Greek food including gyros, kafta, dolmades, Greek salad, and baklava?

Under $50.

And that was before a 15% coupon — plus enough leftovers for another meal (or two).

P.S.: ┬áRunners-up include Christo’s and “It’s Greek to Me” (both in spendier Uptown locations, though, with more challenging parking).

For a Greek deli, try Bill’s near Lake & Lyndale (guess where they get their *hummos??).

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