Book Review:  ‘The Hunger Games” Trilogy

I finished the third (and last) book of The Hunger Games trilogy a full week ago, and have to confess, I’m still reeling a bit.

Imagine a world that incorporates the best (worst?) of “Lord of the Flies,” “1984,” and the reality TV show “Survivor” and you’ll start to have an inkling why.

So, the book series features torture (both physical and mental); genocide; totalitarianism; gruesome genetic mutations; teenagers who hunt and kill one another; abject physical privation (including starvation and dehydration); and war crimes, amongst a truly long parade of horribles.

No Happy Ending

Readers who expect a happy ending will most assuredly be disappointed; many of the key characters meet their (ugly) demise along the way, and even the survivors are afflicted by a host of physical and emotional scars.

Which makes the series’ target demographic — teenage girls(!) — also more than a little scary.

But, for all that, I couldn’t put it down.

Apparently, neither can millions of other readers.

Amongst the most chilling lines — in this book or any other I’ve read — is this one:  ‘May the odds be ever in your favor.’

Dig into the series . . . and it’ll be echoing in your head, too!

P.S.:  I know this places me in a distinct minority, but I thought the movie was a bust.

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