The Sound of No Snowplows

How do you prepare for the biggest forecasted blizzard in years? (Now upon as, just as predicted*).

Stocked up on groceries?


Gas tank full?


DVD’s for the kids?

Got ’em.

Wash the car?

Wash the car??

Rescuing the Rescuers

Actually, one of the longer lines I was in yesterday was at the car wash.

With temperatures forecast to be subzero, the window for washing your car will effectively be closed for several days.

Plus, the subzero temps mean that the new snow will be light and dry (vs. sticky and wet), which means that your just-washed car will stay clean.

*How do you know you’re in the midst of a snow storm of epic proportions in Minnesota — which is really saying something?

Instead of sending out the snowplows, Mn/DOT (the Minnesota Department of Transportation) calls them back in, as they apparently are now doing.

That’s because: a) with much more snow (and wind) on the way, plowing now won’t accomplish anything; and b) if the drivers get stranded in near-whiteout conditions, there’ll be no one to rescue the rescuers.

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