Three Good Choices

The only color that matters is . . . green.

–Real estate saying

In keeping with this blog’s (mostly) non-partisan nature, I’m not endorsing a candidate in today’s DFL gubernatorial primary in Minnesota (who even said I was a Democrat??).

Suffice to say, all three candidates — in alphabetical order, Mark Dayton, Matt Entenza, and Margaret Kelliher — are smart, seasoned public officials who would certainly appear to have the credentials to be Governor.

Contrast that field with major party candidates for high office in some other states (Illinois, South Carolina, etc.), of which at least a few include individuals who are serially unemployed, have substance abuse or IRS problems, have restraining orders against them from former spouses, etc..

Or just as bad, don’t know the first thing about politics and government.

P.S.: I have a personal connection, kind of, to two of the candidates: Matt Entenza and I are both 1990 graduates of the University of Minnesota Law School. In fact, we were both in the same section (the law school is divided into 5 groups of 50), where we not infrequently debated fine points of various case law.

Margaret Kelliher succeeded Dee Long in the state legislature after she retired in 1998. I tried, unsuccessfully, to hasten that retirement when I ran against her in 1992.
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