On StarTrib.com: House w/ 20 BR’s for $750k

After the finishing the immediately preceding post, a little voice in my head said: ‘OK, the Star Trib print ads for housing might be circling the drain — but maybe it’s because the online section is where the action is.’


My first search for St. Louis Park open houses today in the (online) Star Trib homes section returned . . . zero hits.

It turns out that the search engine will only accept “Saint Louis Park.”

Assuming you figure that out, the correct query returns four hits — out of 37 St. Louis Park open houses that MLS says are being held today.

And one of those 37 is mine! — at 4400 W. 25th St. in Fern Hill.

Apparently, the $60 I just paid for a microscopic mention in the (print) Star Trib Open House Directory today doesn’t include a mention online.

Like I said, my advertising budget can be spent better elsewhere . . .

P.S.: in the course of poking around online, I ran a search on “55416,” the zip code that covers the eastern half of St. Louis Park. One of the (three) hits was for 3816 Cedar Lake Place, which is listed for $749,900 and apparently has 20 bedrooms. As they say, “Better Hurry!”

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