Just some stray trivia I picked up on my trip to NY.

Enjoy! (And check back here after the 4th for fresh posts.)

1. “Apartment” came into vogue after this word became associated with overcrowding and squalor:

a. High-rise
b. Multi-family dwelling
c. Tenement
d. Digs

Answer: c

2. The Empire State building was built in a record 18 months, in the depths of the Depression. What happened to the workers next?

a. They all got bonuses.
b. They moved west to build Hoover Dam.
c. They got all-expense-paid vacations to Disneyland.
d. They spent much of the rest of the Depression unemployed.

Answer: d

3. What was the most expensive floor to rent in a tenement?

a. 1st floor
b. top floor
c. one of the middle floors

Answer: a

4. Why?

a. Immigrants were afraid of heights.
b. It was the most convenient, because tenements originally had no running water or elevators.
c. The first floor units were the nicest.
d. They were coolest in the Summer.
e. They were the easiest to evacuate in case of fire.

Answer: b (but d. and e. were also true)

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